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Let us investigate together the opportunities that offshore manufacturing and product sourcing may present for your organisation.
We protect your organisation from the risks and dangers involved in manufacturing offshore, achieved through a combination of experience, knowledge, skill, resources, systems and processes that, as a whole, create a powerful mechanism that drives successful outcomes.

Contact us today for a free appraisal with the purpose being to identify how we can contribute to achieving:

  • Reduced Costs - identify which of your key components, consumables or products can be manufactured offshore more cost-effectively, to a higher standard or to a specification better suited to your needs.
  • Improved Product Quality and Design - Manufacturing core components, consumables and products in China provides opportunity to allow affordable quality and design improvements to be achieved.
  • Increased Sales - OPS has the expertise to develop, source, manufacture, package and distribute products that will enhance your range and encourage sales.
  • Organisation Group Purchasing - harness your organisation’s purchasing power across multiple national and international locations.
  • Improved Organisation Bottom Line Profit - Proven procurement strategies and focused project management will consistently deliver your innovations and products on time, to standard and within budget.

Our focus and absolute priority is protecting your brand and reputation while ensuring products are delivered on time, to standard and within budget. If we cannot make a genuine contribution to improving your businesses we will thank you for your time and leave you to it.

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