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Our Quality Management will protect you

Our priority is protecting your brand and reputation while ensuring projects are delivered on time, to standard and within budget. This is why we tailor our quality management strategies and audit solutions to meet the needs of each client project.
We have an international network of experts who:

  • audit Asian factories to ensure compatibility with values and needs of the businesses we work with, including;
    • expertise and capacity
    • environmental performance
    • occupational health and safety
    • corporate social responsibility
  • ensure manufactured products comply with national and international regulations and meet industry and market standards.
  • conduct independent inspections at every stage of development and manufacturing.
    • Inbound’ Quality Inspection – inspection of raw materials, on large orders it is critical to pick up any quality issue at the earliest possible time.
    • In Process’ Quality Inspection and Testing – orders with a high risk element to them will include inspection and testing throughout production.
    • Final Quality Inspection – the minimum level of quality control to be applied to any order.
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